Head of Trading for a leading trading company based in Nigeria

May 29th, 2018

Datamatics Staffing Services Ltd. (DSSL) has recruited a Head of Trading for a Trading Company having its presence in Nigeria, Ghana, India, China and Hong-Kong with its specialization in trading of products like auto parts, home appliances, foods, paper and building materials.

Our client had given us the mandate to identify a Leader to help them lead the trading business in Nigeria. This person would be responsible for sales and marketing activities for all the product portfolios.

The client was looking for a professional with strong understanding of latest trends and activities in trading domain especially a strong knowhow of consumer appliances business.

DSSL researched a broad spectrum of candidates across leading Consumer Appliances Companies in India. After an intensive engagement with several candidates, DSSL zeroed in on a highly qualified professional working as Regional Manager – North. The candidate has a strong background of consumer appliances experience with other companies like LG Electronics where he handled a vast portfolios of electronics across North India.