FTP & MDS (Fume Treatment Plant & Material Distribution System) Technician

Company Type:
Quote job ref: DSS-1402-KAJ

Job Description

Desired Profile

– FTP & MDS (Fume Treatment Plant & Material Distribution System) Technician
– Department/Group
– Operational Support/Reduction
– To be responsible for performance of Fume Treatment plants within Reduction area and of the three different material distribution systems for distribution of alumina oxide, alumina fluoride and anode covering material to both the two Potlines in a safe, environmentally way, efficient and cost effective manner during a 24/7 shift roster.
– Carry out routine and preventive maintenance including pre and post equipment inspections in order to ensure continued equipment availability and performance.
– Assist Shift Supervisor in introducing new tools, technologies and work routines to shift workers in order to increase awareness and improve efficiency.
– Perform work duties as required in FTP & MDS area within the Potlines, in bath cleaning plant or at port facilities in order to ensure shift and daily production targets are met.
– Support the development and training of National employees.
– Provide input and recommend the continuous improvement of the company practices taking into account ‘international best practice’, changes in international standards and changes in the business environment which demand proactive action plans.
– Comply with all agreed occupational health, safety and environmental regulations in order to protect personnel and physical assets. Ensure that the work areas are kept in a clean and tidy state in order that work can be carried out safely and effectively.
– Generate or assist in generation of any departmental reports are prepared as per management request, in a timely and accurate manner to meet company and department requirements governing reporting.
– Follow of all relevant operational procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.


– Technical/Trade qualification in relevant field
– 4-6 years experience in an Aluminium Smelter
– Good diagnostic and maintenance skills
– Organizational skills
– Computer literacy
– Fluency in English