Project Recruitment / Turn-key Solutions / RPO

Project Recruitment / Turn-key Solutions:

The decision to adopt a Project Recruitment or a Turn-key model is typically used when there is a sudden spike in TA needs due to business exigencies.

In such a model, we put together a flexible team of consultants for a short duration – normally 1 to 3 months to address the spike in TA needs at the client end. The Project Recruitment Team could comprise of a mix of on-site and / or off-site consultants and an Account Manager / Project Manager depending on the mutually agreed solution. A standardized recruitment process that is scalable and which will adhere to agreed KPI’s that are reinforced via reporting and performance management, can greatly offer benefits of rapid TAT through process efficiencies.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO):

Unlike the Project or Turn-key model where our team of consultants essentially complements the client’s TA team to address specific spikes in TA for a short duration, in the RPO model, the entire Recruitment function is outsourced to a RPO vendor.

In its simplest form, RPO services could involve deputing consultant(s) (who are vendor employees) on-site at client location(s) for manning the TA function. At the other end of the spectrum, and in its most evolved form, the RPO vendor would run the entire TA function for a client across their multiple locations by deploying not only people (consultants) but also a standardized process & KPIs, as well as a technology backbone like an ATS. In such an arrangement, the vendor is responsible for all activities from obtaining sanctions for hiring right through to on-boarding.

Needless to add, such RPO engagements are long-term in nature and could be typically multi-year engagements.

Our teams of consultants have successfully delivered a few Project / Turn-key assignments, as well as some RPO engagements where our consultants have been deployed at client locations.