Go To Market Marketing Executive

Quote job ref: DSS-Sept1104-SMP

Job Description

Education : Engineering + MBA (Marketing)

Desired Profile : 1-4 years of experience


1. Role involves coordination with Individual Heads of Businesses & Agencies as well
2. Assist the Head of Marketing to drive the business growth agenda for Qualified Lead generation
3. Customer segments and sub-segments have been mapped
4. Provide primary & secondary research based inputs to flesh out each sub-segment in terms of:
I. Database generation (companies, target departments / businesses within the companies, key personnel to be targeted)
II. Benchmark competition mapping for each sub-segment
5. Assist the Head of Marketing and Individual Business Heads in creating a strategic approach which represents a face to that potential customer which is tailor-made for that sub-segment to which the potential customer belongs
6. Bring granularity to Marketing by helping Head of Marketing and Individual Business Heads in crafting the following:
I. Product / service market fit, audience & buyers, competitive landscape, distribution
II. Business case, market strategy, pricing, marketing, sales plan, support plan, fit with overall roadmap, success metrics, budget & resources