Head Procurement

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Quote job ref: DSS23-01-SPP

Job Description

Desired Profile

Looking for candidate with experience in the area of commodity procurement – Rice, Maize, Soya, Sesame and other Agro Products.

Role Responsibility

– Heading Procurement function for Agro Biz,(Trading of commodity agro products, forward integration in crop processing, assembly ,sales and service of agro equipment’s).
– Procurement of agro products ,commodities at optimum cost.( with budgeted costs)
– Quality of the product in line with customer Specifications
– Optimum inventory across value chain.
– Guiding procurement team members in other zones on the cost of buying.
– Co ordinate with sales team to ensure margins as per biz plans.
– Managing logistics and warehouses operations.
– Statutory compliance’s for the biz,in all aspects.
– Variance referring to Budget, analysis and drawing monitoring corrective actions
– Timely procurement of commodities as per plan.
– Quality, cost, delivery schedule, payment terms.
– Liaison with farmers and selling bodies in the regions to get right price.,
– Keeping continuous close watch on commodity prices, variations, ,seasonality
– Prompt decision making to ensure losses wither on purchases or on inventory
– Keep market intelligence to ensure SMART buying.
– De-risking strategy(to ensure minimal losses due to quality, storage and excess inventory)
– Ensure legal compliance’s to ensure smooth running of biz operations and avoiding any legal issues.
– Ensure no bad debt in the value chain.


– Negotiations skills
– Knowledge on commodity trading
– Understanding of extremely dynamic prices of agro products from various procurement hubs.
– Understanding of end to end cost and margins.
– Use of IT tools to keep track of dynamic commodity prices. Interactions with farmers, market place Warehouse management.