August 3rd, 2022

Datamatics Staffing Services (DSSL) has recruited a Deputy General Manager for the Automotive Division of a very reputed, multi-faceted group of companies with their headquarters is Doha, Qatar

The mandate from our client was to identify a leader to help them lead the automotive division. The person would be responsible for managing 2 automotive dealerships, after-sales services, spare parts division and body shop operations, sales and marketing as well as a profit and loss.

The client was seeking a professional from the Middle East who has overall expertise in the automotive segment in the GCC. In one year, the candidate should have the potential to manage the entire automotive division. The ideal candidate would have all-round sales and marketing experience, excellent management skills, and financial acumen. Bringing in new agencies, dealerships, developing new outlets /service centers would be an important part of business expansion.

We researched a wide spectrum of candidates from leading automotive dealerships with strong business ethics, professionalism, and good business practices across the MENA region, and we identified a Lebanese national with a proven track record of excellence working as National Sales & Operations Manager at the Automotive Division of one of the most renowned UAE groups. This candidate has joined our client recently.