December 12th, 2019

Datamatics Staffing Services Ltd. (DSSL) has recruited a Chief Legal Officer for a food technology start-up which specializes in B2B F&B technology delivering food solutions for corporates.

Our client had given us the mandate to identify a leader to lead their Legal function. This person would be responsible for setting up the entire legal function for the organization, manage all legal affairs and corporate matters, end-to-end management of all agreements and contracts, litigations, compliance, etc.
The client was looking for a professional with strong understanding of legal functions, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, ability to manage multiple stakeholders, advising the CEO on all the legal matters, manage team. Client was also looking at a candidate also work experience in a startup.

DSSL researched a broad spectrum of candidates from various start-up companies in Bangalore. After an intensive engagement with several competent and very well qualified people in the arena, making the selection was a near photo finish. The podium finisher is a highly qualified and successful professional having experience of working in both corporate and law firm managing their Legal function. He was working as an Associate Director and Head Legal with a logistics start-up company in Bangalore.