January 21st, 2020

Datamatics Staffing Services Ltd. (DSSL) has recruited a MEDICAL DIRECTOR for a Fertility Clinic having its presence in DUBAI, with its specialization in IVF.

Our client had given us the mandate to identify a leader to help them lead their IVF Clinic. The client specifically needed an Arab national, who has a DHA (Dubai Health Authority) certification as an IVF Consultant practice as a Medical Director. Prior experience in Dubai was also necessary for building clientele for the clinic.

The client was looking for a professional with strong understanding of latest IVF trends & procedures prevalent internationally as Dubai, UAE is one of the most progressive international city/ country in the world today.

DSSL researched a broad spectrum of candidates across leading IVF Clinics within the UAE & GCC.

After an intensive engagement with several candidates, DSSL identified a highly qualified professional working as a Medical Director with the required IVF Consultant certification from DHA (Dubai Health Authority), with another IVF Clinic in Dubai.